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Historical Items from the Portland Woman’s Club that have surfaced!

We’ve been around 122 years so every once in awhile an artifact or two pops up. This year a couple of items resurfaced and we thought our members and the public might enjoy seeing them!

Erika of Northeast Portland shared the following pictures with us of a 1939 Singer Sewing Machine presented to The Portland Woman’s Club by Miss Grace Monroe. It was a gift from a friend’s Mother to Erika who had used the machine, but was now ready to part with it. She sent us a picture of the sewing machine cabinet and the dedication plaque. This sewing machine is recorded in “Portland Woman’s Club” history book by our Past President, Audrey Johnson, on page 39. We contacted Erika and picked up the machine. The sewing machine nicknamed “Grace” now resides in the care of the Oregon Historical Society where she was accepted by unanimous decision by the OHS Board for “her” year’s of service in both World Wars and the Vanport Flood. Tested in 2017, Grace still sewed and her motor was stronger than ever!

The second item sent to us by Heather of Lake Oswego contained two lamps she had purchased from our Clubhouse located at 12th and SW Taylor in Downtown Portland when it was sold in 2001. The lamps now reside in Heather’s vacation home. We believe these lamps are recorded on the same page of the history book as the sewing machine.

If you find anything with the Portland Woman’s Club name on it, please send us an email to info@portlandwomansclub.org along with pictures of the item. All of our items are eventually presented to the Oregon Historical Society for safe keeping for the future.

Thank you so much for sharing pictures of our history!

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